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Wooten Naturopathic, PLC
3714 East Indian School Rd.
Pheonix, AZ. 85018

Office: (602) 840-4112
Fax:     (602) 224-1182


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                Staying Healthy  

Aging   |   Allergy   |   Detox   |   Heavy Metals   |   Stomach  |  Stress  |  Supplements  |  Tests

    Nutrition 101

    ALL issues in the body may stem from one of these Main Factors.

            ♦   Nutritional Depletion
            ♦   External / Internal (Stress) Conditions
            ♦   Hormonal Imbalances
            ♦   Degeneration (Muscle / Tissue / Organs / Bone / etc.)
            ♦   Impure (Dirty, Toxic) Blood
            ♦   Irregular pH Balance
            ♦   Pathogens (BAD & Living: virus', bacteria, fungus or fungi, etc.)
            ♦   Toxins (NON-Living: Chemicals, Heavy Metals)
            ♦   Excessive or Lack of Exercise
            ♦   the Lack of the 4 Vitals (proper: Sunlight, Oxygen, Water, and Sleep)
            ♦   Injuries

    Extra Causes:
            ♦   Bad or Lack of Good Social Environments and/or Social Support
            ♦   Improper Spiritual Alignment

    Basically, find the right combination . . . enter: WNHealth.com

    and Rapid Healing can Occur

    Others say, "Some Diseases are Incurable," well, THEY ARE INCURIBLE - MEDICALLY.

    That is why Naturopathic Doctors take an expanded look at other ways to treat and hopefully bring about wonderful results for their patients.

    The things you may feel in your body are sometimes, just symptoms!  Issues in your body use symptoms as the primary way in which to give you WARNING SIGNS that say, "Hey, you have an issue that might become a MAJOR Issue . . . danger ahead - PLEASE RESOLVE ME - ASAP!".  Those who are wise make rapid changes in their diet, but not-so-wise people keep heading towards Danger, masking their symptoms just to get through another day.  Masking symptoms through unnecessary, main-stream medications and/or surgeries may only lead to greater troubles.  Therefore, be "smart" and don't look for temporary fixes, but all the help offered to you to utilize (natural) solutions.  With our help you can possibly, easily move towards eliminating both the ROOT ISSUE(s) and the WARNING SIGN(s).

          Back in the olden' days of horses and buggies, we knew How-To use nutrition, plants, herbs, rocks - all from the earth to take care of our family.  We would readily pick a flower, grass, roots, tree bark, 'you-name-it' - in a minute, if any part of our surrounding families were sick.  Now in MODERN TIMES, we have lost the art of even the simplest natural remedies.  We also have an increasing amount of "NEW diseases and ailments to add to our unfortunate lack of nutritional education.  there is a need for Much MORE HELP than ever before.    

    enter: WNHealth.com

    WNHealth.com and all the available information, products, and services provided - are here for you, to do just that - Help YOU, Achieve Optimal Health.  So, look in the mirror - this may be the last time you see yourself in this bad condition.  Take Pictures and share with us your Testimony, because once you have tried what WNHealth has to offer, you may NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!

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    Aging   |   Allergy   |   Detox   |   Heavy Metals   |   Stomach  |  Stress  |  Supplements  |  Tests


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