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Wooten Naturopathic, PLC
3714 East Indian School Rd.
Pheonix, AZ. 85018

Office: (602) 840-4112
Fax:     (602) 224-1182


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    Chronic Disease
    Others say, "it's an incurible disease," well, it is INCURIBLE - MEDICALLY.  However, that's why our Naturopathic Doctors take an expanded look at other ways to treat and hopefully bring about wonderful results for our patients.

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    Family Medicine
    Take your doctors visit to the "next level" wth our ND Service. Now you can have the best of both professional modalites (Medical and Nutrition) to benefit the wellness of your family.

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    Hormone Replacement
    Drive, stability, compassion, weight, endurance, weakness, easily angered, and more are all heavily influenced by your hormones.  Take the time to reset your biological compass that helps bring a life of peace and strength.

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    Children's Health
    Our children need you, as knowledgable parents, to bring rear them up in good behaviors of health and wellness.  Learn the inside scope to answers that address ADHD, food allergies, vaccinations, and more.

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    Men's Health

    We are helping our men fight to be "Real" men, from the inside - out.  No more blubber guts and unyouthful activities.  Build your Tesstosterone and other issues to bring your body back to a vigorous stance.

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    There are easy and practical habits that will tremendously improve your life.  Once you begin to incorporate the "best" things, you may see some of your best results, yet.  If you have been wanting change, the time is now.

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    Weight Management
    Whether it is weight loss, wieght gain, or toning, our goal is to help you look good in the mirror.  Feel accomplished by seeing the results you want.  Do things naturally, without the worries of going back to the old, "out-of-shape" cycle.

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    Women's Health
    Harmony is easiser than it looks, especially when you implement the "right key factors."  Understand and fight against the forces that drive you to ungraceful aging, sickliness, bad mood-swings, and more.

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    All Disease List               Health 101


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