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Wooten Naturopathic, PLC
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Pheonix, AZ. 85018

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                Men's Health  

    The Main Male Hormones:

    "Don't just play the game of health, WIN THE GAME!"

    The MAIN Player in Mens Health = TESTOSTERONE

    What is Testosterone:
    Testosterone is an androgen sex steroid hormone that regulates characteristics and sexual changes in the body.  Testosterone has different kinds of major effects. 

        ♦   One effect causes growth of muscle and bone. 
        ♦   Another major effect makes the body look and function with more maleness.

    Testosterone Importance:
    Testosterone is a hormone which plays a vital role in a man's health and sexuality all throughtout life.  Unfortunately, when men reach their thirties (30's), the production of testosterone slows down, which in some cases causes changes in sex drive, hair growth, muscle development, and weight.  Men should take this issue seriously as it's been shown that a decrease in Testosterone levels not only decreases libido, increases the loss of muscles and bone density, but most importantly, it increases the risk of cardiovascular (heart) disease.

    LOW Testosterone                     ANDROPAUSE

    (Too Much) Feminine Hormones:

    Write your own WiNKKK

    Write your own WiNKKK
    Andropause is the decline of the primary male hormone, "Testosterone," plus some other hormones.  When Andropause is exhibited, the evidence is a rise in
    Estrogen and Progesterone, "the female-enabiling hormones."  There are several symptoms, some of which we have already mentioned which you can review to do an initial self-check to see if you may have any stage(s) of Andropause by taking our FREE Men's Test below.  If you do see some possible symptoms, don't worry,
    this doctor's report has good news . . . We Can Help!

    Feeling Manly-?  .  .  .  Test yourself

    What type of man are you?

    Now, you can be empowered, as we FIGHT together -
    against the things that attack your manhood:


                  MUSCLES = Testosterone?

    MUSCLES = Testosterone? . . . . nope, sorry.

        Most men with LOW Testoserone but BIG Muscles tend to seem more athletic in physique.  However, hard work and exercise at the gym to develop muscles is no substustute for nutrients which causes the internal organs to proplerly function and produce good hormones (i.e. Testosterone).  Some simple signs of LOW Testosterone may be a higher-pitch voice, loss of hair, loss of libido, more passive, unable to make good-quick logical decisions, etc.  Although there may be warning signals, even many bodybuilders are surprised to find that their Testosterone Levels are much less (VERY LOW) than they expected.  Yours may be too!  Basically, you can look good on the outside, and still have very Unhealthy (LOW) Testosterone Levels.



    Assurance & Content

    Few -to- No Headaches

    Regular Vision

    Hormonal Balances

    Good Sleep and Comfort



    Regulated Energy

    Normal Sex Attraction


    Normal Memory Levels

    Less Metal Toxification

    Physique Maintenance

    Anxiety & Irritability

    Chronic Headaches

    Decrease in Vision

    Hormonal Imbalances

        (Restlessness and/or Sleeplessness)

    Lack of Drive

    Lack of Endurance

    Low Energy

    Low Libido

    Low Strength

    Memory Loss

    Metal Toxicity

    Physique Decline



    Easy urination flow

    Functional Pancreus

    Normal bowel flow


    Manliness (Confidences, Assertion, Pose, etc.)

    Sustained or Increase of Testosterone:
    As testosterone levels decrease, the following are known to occur:

        1- Normalize blood pressure which helps
             decrease risks of heart attack.

        2- Less cholesterol and triglycerides with
             lower levels leading to less arterial
             plaque levels which may decrease
             blood pressure and risk of stroke.

        3- Contraction of coronary arteries and
              other major arteries that could also
             help decline heart attack risks.

        4- Reduced fibrinogen levels which
             shrinks the likelihood of blood clots
             blocking major arteries, preventing
             any results of a heart attack.

    Any Pressure(s) while urinating

    Pancreus dyfunction or Cancer of

    Hemorrhoids (doing a #2)

    Lack of Strength

    Lack of Manliness (Confidences, Assertion, Pose, etc.)

    Decreased Effects of Testosterone:
    As testosterone levels decrease, the following are known to occur:

        1- Higher blood pressure levels that can
             increase heart attack risks.

        2- Higher cholesterol and triglycerides
             levels which lead to higher arterial
             plaque levels, which may increase
             blood pressure and risk of stroke.

        3- Dilation of coronary arteries and other
             major arteries decreases that could
             increase heart attack risk.

        4- Increased fibrinogen levels which
             increases the likelihood of a blood clot
             blocking a major artery which can result          in a heart attack


    Man Chest - "Man chests" are when pectoral muscles develop into masculine tissue formation witout the excess fatty deposits.  These muscles are not necessarly shaped as "pinch-press, atheletic chest." However, they do have a low, Body(Chest)-Fat count plus a more chistled and firmed look.

    Continued Sex Drive (Libido) - as one dispells the causes of low sex drive, one can return to a normal, healthy sexual appetite.

    Vigor & Energy - one is able to go through several activites from all day into the night, and activity pace accelerates as one is younger.  The same physical activity may take shorter time with less effort.

    Attentiveness, ability to concentrate on noticeable changes, having more remembrance, and ability to focus, which ordinarily is one of the male strengths.

    Less Anger, Anxiety, Irritability, Depression - events or actions of others are easier dealth with and handled.

    Weight Control - decrease of body fat where the middle belly section becomes trimmer, more firm, and more quickly and easily tamed by exercise.

    Normal Sleep - restful sleep after excessive work, especially uninterrupted deep sleep where the body repairs itself and gets ready for more activities for the next day.

    Bone Stabilizes - bone mass is sustained and/or reconstituted.

    Confusion, Decisiveness, Self-Confidence - problem solving, being efficient, competent, with power and accomplishing achievement. Gurding and keeping all of these crucial aspects of being a man.

    Sustained Muscle Structure - non-sedentary which promotes normal muscle mass. Age is not a standard for non-movement, sedentary postures; males can maintain their lean muscle while gracefully aging.

    Fat Burning Capacity of muscle is good -
    5 extra pounds of muscle will burn calories equivalent to 10-12 pounds of fat per year.

    Man Breast (Gynecmastia) - "Man breasts" are fat deposits on the chest and on top of the pectoral muscles.  In most men, these fat deposits are caused by obesity and are a sign of excess fat in other parts of the body.  One method other are trying to used which may help redefine their chest is working-out and eating properly.

    Declining Sex Drive (Libido) - not only does the man have less interest in sex, he will also have sex less frequently.

    Fatigue & Lessening Energy - once able to be on the go all day into the night, now the activity pace slows considerably. The same physical activity takes longer with considerably more effort.

    Forgetfulness, declining ability to concentrate a noticeable change in the ability to remember and it becomes more difficult to focus, which ordinarily is one of the male strengths.

    Feelings of Anger, Anxiety, Irritability, Depression - events or actions of others that once were dealt with easily by the male now become more difficult to deal with.

    Weight Gain - this increase in body fat. The fat that is gained tends to accumulate around the man's middle section, another sign of the andropause.

    Sleep Difficulties - sleep, especially uninterrupted deep sleep, is the time when the body repairs itself and gets ready for another trip through the next day.

    Osteoporosis - bone loss occurs and another symptom of male menopause.

    Confusion, Indecisiveness, Declining Self-Confidence - part of being a healthy male is the ability to solve problems, to be efficient, to be competent, to have power and to achieve. A consequence of experiencing male menopause symptoms is the erosion of these crucial aspects of being a man.

    Loss of Lean Muscle - a male that is sedentary will lose about 10% of his muscle each decade. In other words, by the age of 60, a sedentary male will have lost up to 40% of his lean muscle.

    Declining Fat Burning Capacity of muscle is bad - 10-12 pounds of fat per year may also stem a reduction of lean muscle and the ability to burn calories efficiently.
    3 P's
    The three (3) main indications of Good / LOW Testosterone?


      (functional, soft, laying-down, deficient of
      excess mucus)

      (operational libido, erectile function)

      Good Erectile Performance:   Healthy erectile erections show a few good internal body functions

    (. . . good blood flow, good kidney flow, relieves stress, adrienals strengthened.  Good nutrition is often an underlying cause which repairs the body's overall functionality.)

    PotBelly: (Toner Abs)
      (testosterone dominance, normalize weight, more
      occurance of a stronger heart)

      Toner Abs:   The explanation for men who, without exercise,
    maintain low abdominal fat during their middle-aged years is that their testosterone is higher while estrogen and insulin are still at lower levels. The less belly fat a man accumulates diminishes the conversion of his testosterone into estradiol.

      (prostutitius, acute- inchronic, BPH,
      prostrate cancer)

      (lack/incomplete libido, erectile dyfunction)

      Erectile Dysfunction:   There are a myriad of factors that cause erectile dysfunction

    (. . . prostate surgery, damage to the arteries, kidney disease, stress, alcoholism, anxiety and depression.  Poor nutrition is often an underlying cause because it impairs the body's overall functioning.)

      (estrogen dominance, weight gain, more
      occurance of heart disease, cancer)

      Potbelly:   The explanation for men to
    increase abdominal fat during their middle-aged years is that their levels of free testosterone decrease, and levels of estrogen and insulin will increase. The more belly fat a man accumulates, the larger the conversion of his testosterone into estradiol.

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