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Wooten Naturopathic, PLC
3714 East Indian School Rd.
Pheonix, AZ. 85018

Office: (602) 840-4112
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    Nutrition and Lifestyle
    are controlled by 5 factors:

                  ♦    Nutritional Value (foods, water, and supplements)


                  ♦    Environment
                  ♦    Exercise
                  ♦    Stress
                  ♦    Sleep


      Nutritional Value  is measured by the Amount of:
                  Enzymes, Minerals, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Probiotics, Vitamins, etc.
                  one gets from daily eating and/or drinking.  These also include
                  phytonutrients, good oils, and good water.

    Good nutritional foods in, BAD FOODS OUT!

    Many may not realize that with all their efforts, they still are not eating the best healthy foods.  It would be a surprise to most when they decide to throw away 65% - 95% of all their food in the cabinets and refrigator (because they are unhealthy or toxic).  However, that is what it takes for most to avoid chronic illness and diseases.  We all have to watch what we put in our mouths and there is one simple truth that can help us.  Hippocrates stated, "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be food."  This simple and wise axiom from years ago can help us to discover "real" foods today.
    Foods should be treated as medicine = it heals the body.  If something we eat is NOT a benefit or it actually somehow destroys the body(cells) - in any way . . . . then, it is NOT healing the body = NOT a "real" medicine = NOT REAL FOOD, and possibly SHOULD NOT BE EATEN.

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    3 Nutritional Changes

    Avoiding the wrong Meats, Sugars, and Wheat are some of the
    Top 3 Nutritional Changes to consider in making a healthy start.

    We have been addicted to everything that's not "real" food which breaks down the body.  Here is a list of meats to avoid, especially when trying to regain or maintain Optimal Health: . . .

    Deep Fried Meats (instead use high-temperture, unrefined, nut or extra virgin oils)
    Pork (The Pig)
    Shellfish (crabs, crawfish (crawdads), lobster, osyters, clams, catfish, shark, etc.)
    Rabbit, possum, snake, lizards, worms, etc.
    Turtle, dogs, cats, rat, squirrels, etc.
    WITHOUT any form or sign of blood (make sure you eat your meats(s) "WELL DONE")

    Basically, you want non-pesticide or non-chemically fertilized grass-feed, cage-free animals that have not been injected with hormones, steroids, antibodies, etc.  Typically, they should have split-hoofs and chew the cud (medically, these animals are better to eat).  Now, when it comes to seafoods, you would probably consider only eating things that have fins and scales that have been captured from the wild and possibly consume less of the unnatural non-aquaponic / non-hydroponic fish-farms.

    Sweets / Sugars
    Bleached-like "white" sugar, pancake syrups, artificial or chemical sweetners are included in this list of BAD Sweets / Sugars along with foods containing them, like: soft-drinks, snack juice drinks, low fat drinks, no sugar drinks, snowballs, junk food, candy, etc.  Though it is said that we love chemical, substitute, refined sugars, our eyes are being opened that they are all carcinogenic (causing CANCER), neurological (Brain) surpressing sugars), and that on average one can digest nearly
    160 lbs.of BAD Carcinogenic - Neurologically Surpressing Sugars (instead of the good sweets/sugars) per person, annually. 

    Today, wheat is the not the grains our (great) grand parents had in the field.  Therefore, most ALL WHEAT products should be avoided.  However, making your own cookies, sweets, bread, etc. from "real" earthy grains like: rye, spelt, teff, wild rice, quinoa (Kean - wa), kamut, etc. is probably best, and your family will appreciate your TLC (tender-love & care) you show for them in the kitchen.



    If 100% of all the good nutrients are from organic-type foods, then by comparasion, modern chemical foods can possibly be thought of as only ranking less than 8% on the Nutritional Scales, while junk foods would rank even less. 

    Senario:   Well, if all things being equal, and we only look at the ancient lifespan of men, ancient old men lived as high as 900 years of age, compared to the modern average male who may only live 8% or less of the longevity that man once had.  Is it possible that modern foods (foods that are chemically, processed, and/or genetically altered) are now only 8% nutritious?

    Nutrients are a HUGH determinant factor of one's overall Optimal Health, characteristics, and lifespan.  Ingesting a sufficient amount of nutritients - daily - allows the body to repair and heal from the day-to-day wear and tear of making energy.

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            This is just a start, but this little start makes a big change in what you buy and how you lovingly nurture your family back to Optimal Health. Oftentimes in the past, we wanted to avoid anything pure, natural foods (like fruits and/or vegetables), real grains, and drinking good alkaline mineral water.  Before now, this has lead 60% of Americans to be overweight, 24 million are diabetics, and people in general have high blood pressure, digestion problems, skin rashes, fatigue, headaches, auto-immune diseases, and the whole realm of poor health.  It's time we change our diet from "good-tasting DESTROYERS" that cause nutrient deficiencies, and redevelop our nutritional lifestyle to flourish with mineral rich, healthy healing foods,
    as our medicine!

    Need to take out the trash-?  .  .  .  Test yourself


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      Environment is one's surroundings, sometime giving exposure to different toxicities on a daily bases. . . . . .

    We all have to deal with different Toxic Issues.  Besides evading toxic relationships, there are PUBLIC Toxins like city smug and second-hand smoke, and other airbourne gases.  There are Personal Toxins like Unhealthy Plastics and Chemicals used for our cosmetics and even more Personal as they invade our children's toys, clothing, and foods.  Our best choice is to be informed and to avoid as much of these, as possible.  Don't forget to Detox.



      Exercise is measured by speed, the amount, and type of positions that put focused attention (tension/weights/stress) on certain body parts.

    Did You Know?   The by-product or WASTE from making energy is LACTIC ACID and FREE RADICALS.  Most people who go to the gym, creating more energy, do not know this.  Furthermore, they don't realize that an excessive amount of acid and free radicals are CARCINERGIC = "causing CANCER."  Then what's the answer?  The answer is in FOOD and WATER.  One most implement a healthy regimen before . . during . . and after a work-out to combat and overtake the ACID and FREE RADICALSM which repairs and replenishes nutrients the body uses during the workout.



      Stress is measured by the "response" to internal and external tensions

    Internal and External Stress: Our ability to conquer daily tasks gives a sense of achievement.  It's really not about - if one has stress, we all face our share of tensioned situations.  However, the real scope is how one is able to deal with the stresses they face.  There has been a great deal of success regarding nutrition aiding one to handle the stresses of life.  If you, at any time feel: fatigued, unfocused, or a little stressed out, then see our detailed information on Stress.  We would love to help you - "get your mind right" to handle the nagging circumstances in life.

    see our Stress Page for more details.



      Sleep is measued by the amount of deep sleep one exhibits, which is regulated by Hormones (Proteins).

    Throughout the day, the brain is normally more activated, but at night while resting, the brain goes into Theta or even Delta wave patterns that promote the production of more good hormones, inducing deeper sleep.  These activities can be interrupted by excessive bad sugars, late nighters, and irregular sleep patterns.  While sleep tends to be one of the most overlooked habits of a busy person, it actually may command the stability of one's focus and accuracy throughout the day.  So, if you are not in the habit of getting a good (ddep) sleep, then discipline your time, eating habits, and schedule(s) to accomandate a good night sleep.  Sleep is a major part in the repair and restoration of your body, most healing is said to take place while one is sleeping; and with deep sleep, you can even feel the great results the very next day.

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    Herbal and Nutritional Medicine
    The use of plants, mineral soils, seaweeds, oils, (new healthy) technologies, and naturopathic medicine are also all core to Naturopathic practice.  Real nutrition helps restore optimal body function by providing support and correcting imbalances within the cells.  Many herbs and other forms of nutrition are powerful medicines that are safe and effective - when used properly.  The pharmacology and therapeutic implications of herbal and nutritional usage are well understood and have long been a part of the standard of healing, even prior to the institution of pharmacy.  Many "herbal" and "Nutritional" products are just as effective as synthetic drugs, but without the toxic side-effects.

    By working closely with our patients, we are able to recognize unnoticeable aspects of our patient's diets and lifestyle choices which may be working against them to achieve their goals.  As it relates to nutrition, we may at times apply standard, non-standard, and even alternative tests to help uncover specifically the nutritional problems lurking.  Our methods use both dietary modification and appropriate supplementation to teach the patient "how-to" make great dietary changes - enabling them to move towards Optimal Health, and mostly, stay there.  Some benefits we have observed are the decreasing need for synthetic medications and/or surgeries.

    If you do not feel 100% your best, nutritional analysis and counseling should be one of your FIRST steps on the path to recovery.

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