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Wooten Naturopathic, PLC
3714 East Indian School Rd.
Pheonix, AZ. 85018

Office: (602) 840-4112
Fax:     (602) 224-1182


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    Tests & Exams
    Plus FREE:  Online Test

         Wooten Naturopathic, PLC offers laboratory medical tests to help diagnose, evaluate, and monitor progression of disease and treatment protocols.  The testing includes blood and chemical panels, thyroid function tests, gynecological screening, and liver function test but also offers specialized testing unique to naturopaths such as food allergy panels, heavy metal toxicity testing, nutrient assessments, digestive stool analysis and salivary hormone panels.

         Tests are good ways to help speed-up the process for locating the real dilemma behind what ails you.  There are many generic things which people face everyday, however, everyone is still different, and Tests shows us which deficiencies that may be more apparent in your personal circumstance.  Different Tests can be used to assist in confirmation, diagnosis, and possible treatments.  With the use of much more information, on (possible) internal issues, we can pinpoint even better and quicker ways to accelerate your healing (time). Sometimes Tests are necessary to move forward, while othertimes they can be omitted, however, getting the results from Nutritional Tests can theoretically be compared to hitting a 100% target in 2 weeks, instead to 2 months.  With that being said, here are a list of our tests that help us to analyze patients with more precision, giving us an even better cutting-edge to "Fast Forward" you to Optimal Health!

    * Some Tests may be covered by insurance *

        Our tests uses high end anaylsis equipment, however, we have the privilege to use scientific deductive questionaires.  These Questionaire methods have proven to have a level of accuracy that allows a less-expensive form of aid for those looking for hormonal and physicological answers.  We recommend that you take all of our FREE Tests available to help you on the path, recovering back to optimal health.

    . . . Who knows? - maybe one day we will give some Free Reward to one of the
                                      Questionaire participants.

    Blood Test:
    Blood Test covers CBC, Chem Panel, C-RP, Lipid Panel, Iron Panel, Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA,Cortisol Fasting Glucose, Insulin, HbA1C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12, and much more.  We go beyond the normal blood anaylsis and look into mineral, hormonal, and other nutrient values that are unbalanced and/or lacking within the blood.  Since life is in the blood, then our blood should be flowing with higher levels of all the nutrition we need to sustain, repair, and advance our life.

    Detox Test:   Before taking this test . . .
    Please read the Detox Page and/or the Heavy Metals Page.

    Need to take out the trash-?  .  .  .  Test yourself

    Food Allergy Test:
    Did you know food allergies can cause headaches, ear infections, skin irritations, arthritis and much more?  Common symptoms associated with IgG Food Sensitivity include:

        ♦   Constipation
        ♦   Bloating
        ♦   Belching
        ♦   Stomach Pain
        ♦   Sluggishness
        ♦   Chronic ear infections
        ♦   Runny/Stuffy nose
        ♦   Sinus Problems
        ♦   Excessive mucous formation
        ♦   Congestion
        ♦   Asthma
        ♦   Arthritis and stiffness
        ♦   Rashes
        ♦   Dry Skin
        ♦   Acne
        ♦   Headaches

    This test helps us to simply identify and list certain, specific "types" of foods to abstain from that will dramatically reduce or completely remove symptoms of bad allergies.  Furthermore, sometimes it may not be a particular food itself, but may be the way the food is processed or preserved or sprayed with chemicals/herbicides to protect.  With our results we can see a better picture of what is going wrong to cause Allergic Reactions.

    Hair Analogy Test:
    Will also cover vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, biotin, and more.  The hair follicles are very important; they give us a extra-awesome look into what the body is lacking that directly affects the health of our hair.  These results help to pin-point exact macro and micro mineral loss, viscosity, and other valuable information that we can use together to form a list of what you need to replenish in your body, through foods, herbs, oils, teas, and supplements.  The results will be a better "feeling" body and a head of healthier hair that will always gauge how well you are taking care of your body.

    Hormone Test:   Before taking this test . . .
    Please read the Hormone Page.

    "Not on-top of things" or "UnBalanced"-?
                                                      .  .  .  Test yourself

    Hormonal Specific Test:
    This Hormonal Test works by looking for even more specific areas to help regain proper Hormone Levels  It covers looking at one's Thyroid, and the production of TSH, T4, free T3, reverse T3, anti-TPO, Cortisoal Levels, and more.  Therefore, since we can see which hormones need help, we can work together to aid the hormones flowing to/from the organs in the body, and possibly see quicker, "good" results in a shorter timeframe.

    Men's Test:   Before taking this test . . .
    Please read the Men's Page.

    Feeling Manly-?  .  .  .  Test yourself

    Urine & Saliva Test:
    Will also cover pH (Acid & Alkaline) balance, Liver and Kidney functions, and more.  Our saliva and urine excrete probiotic, enzymes, minerals, along with toxics and other things to help clean and aid the repair of the body.  When this test unveils the results of higher/lower pH balances, and certain extraction of minerals and toxins, then we can get a good idea of what the body is fighting and how it needs help.  Since dis-ease is consistently being attacked by our "good" immune system, then the flow of assistance = "we need help" is carried throughout the body and we can then read the sign from the saliva and urination.  Once we have detailed information from this source, then it makes our job of helping you, a lot easier.

    Women's Test:   Before taking this test . . .
    Please read the Women's Page.

    Fabulously Feminine-?  .  .  .  Test yourself

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    Aging   |   Allergy   |   Detox   |   Heavy Metals   |   Stomach  |  Stress  |  Supplements


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