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Wooten Naturopathic, PLC
3714 East Indian School Rd.
Pheonix, AZ. 85018

Office: (602) 840-4112
Fax:     (602) 224-1182


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    Losing / Gaining Weight - made easier

    If you are underweight or thin, it's ok, we can help you too!

    There is no more need to hide.  Losing weight is billboarded (popularized) as one of the HARDest and most important issues of society.  However, it's not (just) about weight loss, it's about your body being young, happy, and healthy - on the inside.  Wonderful things take place when your body, on the inside is happy.  One MAJOR By-Product of the "insides" being happy = proper weight levels.  For some, it means actually gaining weight, but for most, it means losing weight more quickly, and possibly with more ease.

    Of course, Diet and Nutrition do play a role is good weight loss/gain, however, there are some natural innovations, listed below, that may help you to reach your weight goals faster.  Among other things that Wooten Naturopathic, PLC offers, we also utilize a few non-standard, but naturally effective methods to help achieve optimal weight levels.

    The Natural Fat Reducer

    Lipotropic Injections
        * Reduces the storage of fat
        * Increases your metabolism
        * Gives you increased energy

    Lipotropics effectively reduce appetite and increase your body's natural fat-burning processes. Using Lipotropics, along with proper diet and exercise, can help you reach your goal weight. These injections aid your weight loss by giving you an extra boost.

    There are three types of Lipotropics:

    Methionine,     Choline,     and   Inositol


    Methionine is an essential amino acid that is a major lipotropic compound in humans. The body requires more methionine when the levels of estrogen are high. Estrogens reduce bile flow through the liver and increase bile cholesterol levels while methionine helps to deactivate estrogen's. Methionine levels also affect the amount of sulfur-containing compounds, such as glutathione, in the liver. Glutathione and other sulfur-containing peptides (small proteins) play a critical role in defending against toxic compounds. When higher levels of toxic compounds are present, more methionine is needed. Without lipotropics such as choline and inositol, fats and bile can become trapped in the liver, causing severe problems such as cirrhosis and blocking fat metabolism.


    Choline is essential for fat metabolism. Choline functions as a methyl donor and it is required for proper liver function. Like inositol, cholin is a lipotropic.


    Inositol exerts lipotropic effects as well. An "unofficial" member of the B vitamins, inositol has even been shown to relieve depression and panic attacks.

      HCG Diet
    The Hormonal Fat Reducer

    HCG Injections

    HCG uses your body's own metabolic and hormonal system to increase weight loss.  It's not for everyone, and does require discipline, but many have lost upto 30 lbs. in one month.

    Learn more here:  (Video)

    NEW Special Offer:

    Dr. Wooten's Medically Supervised
    HCG Diet

      Other Diet Aids
    Body Sculpting

    Other Available "Specific" Weight Normalizing Nutrition

    Other may have already done their research and have formed a weight plan on their own or with the help of a professional - they simply need "quality products."  For all others, we carry an array of Body Sculping Aids that are used in the professional atheletic, workout, and natural fields.

        * Vitamin B-12:  Increases Energy, Improves Concentration                               and Memory
        * Vitamin B-1:  Aids in Digestion, Increases Energy
        * Vitamin B-6:  Has effect of Physical and Mental Health
        * B-Complex:  Combination of all B's plus B-2 and Folic                                     Acid
        * L-Carnitine:  Increases Muscle Mass or Weight Loss
        * Myoden:  Contains Adenosine which is a naturally occurring substance in the body which increases energy and has a positive effect on weight loss, stamina and overall mood.  It is great for chronic fatigue, weight loss plateau, thyroid disorder, very slow metabolism
        * Special Mix: Combination of all mixtures

    As you know obesity and even being underweight can lead to many other problems, including mental hinderances and social ocquireness.  It affects the outside environment and causes one to retreat into behavioral characteristics that are Not Really ones' True Personality . . . . .

    The good news is:
    Weight Management is not as hard as one thinks."

    Even without the Accelerated Weight-loss Injections . .

    our Weight Plan shows results and fits into your normal life:

        ♦   Eating-Out
        ♦   Traveling
        ♦   Busy Schedules
        ♦   Low Budgets
        ♦   Staying at home

    We have seen, time-and-time-again, that when we bring our clients to a regimen of a complete "Healthy Lifestyle," the body quickly begins to lineup with the new protocol.  Marketing diets and superstar fads might work for a season, but as everyone who has battled with weight will tell you . . . "I just gained it all back."  However, losing weight in a specific nutritional manner not only trains the body to be fit, it also reshapes by educating the mind to "Not Go Backwards." (lol, what english is that).  It may not be proper English, but it's our regimen, and it works!

    They say you have to cut out pictures, give yourself vision stimulation.  Did you look-at or study obese people to gain/lose weight?  Why should you go through extra non-physical hoops to accomplish your goals?  It's the metaphysical worlds way of taking your money, to buy their lastest and greatest mind-bending techniques.  These do nothing but re-program you into a supposedly "better you."

    The fact is, if you can get to the weight you need to be without extra metaphysical steps, then the rest of the bogus advertisements are just marketing ploys to get you to allow them access into your private (mental) life.  These techniques are only IMPOSTERS of the real thing.  Our professional service will cut to the root of your issue(s), and allow you, through naturopathic medicine regimens, to lose weight towards Optimal Health
    - without the HIPE that are Dramatized in Ads, just results.

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