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            Women's Health  

    Hormonal     Harmony

    Hormones work together like a symphony.

    Each hormone has to be in tune to create melodious-harmony.

    These six key hormones work together and are dependent on each other.  This means that a malfunction in just one may interfer with the proper function of all the other hormones.  We divide the key hormones into Two-Groups:

            Sex Hormones:

            ♦   #1 = Estrogen,
            ♦   #2 = Progesterone
            ♦   #3 = Testosterone (for balance)

        Sex Hormones control one's:
        (appearance, attraction, charcter,
         libido, traits, etc.)

            Energy Hormones:

            ♦   Cortisol,
            ♦   Insulin
            ♦   Thyroid Hormones

        Energy Hormones control one's:
        (rest, drive, alertness, etc.)

    Declining of Estrogen:  
    Women want to feel "Fabulouly Feminine," but the loss of Estrogen has changed the normal harmony of our environment.  We need more lotion, because our skin cracks; we start looking at wigs because hair extensions don't cover the fact that our hair is brittle and falling-out.  Unfortunately, discord has also affected the timing within our marital love-life.  We feel less attractive, giving off the sense of always being annoyed.  The sad thing about it, is that we really don't mind being fatigued, because it hides the fact that our sex drive has tremendously reduced it's pulsations.  All of these mood swings are what "Society" has called = "Just Growing Older as a Woman."  There has to be a way out of these chaiotic, rhythmic noises of
        Estrogen depreviation . . .

    Progesterone's functions:  
    Progesterone couples with Estrogen to help the body function optimally, as a symphony of femininity.  One of it's main roles is it's affects on beating-off illness in women.  Yes, from endometrial and breast cancer, to fibrocystic breasts, to normalizing blood clotting and sugar levels - Progesterone coupled with Estrogen is a beautiful, melodically-rhythmic team that tames the savage beast, helping to create a Fabulouly Feminie body.  If you thought the music was over, Progesterone and Estrogen doesn't stop with the few things mentioned above, they move on to amplify the "syncopated-zest" in life.  With Progesterone's presence, the couple begin to use excess fat towards your energy, then they increase libido (terrific!), moving on to enhance your thyroid homones and causing a depressed mind to have a more natural, antidepressant state.  WOW, all this because of increased feminine hormones in women!  All that and more!  Plus, the good thing about Progesterone (and Estrogen) functions is that they both can be regulated with the proper nutritional harmany.

    Take a quick look at Women's Hormones . . .


    Hormone Imbalance = precursor to Men-opause
    . . . . . because the foods we eat are not nurishing our organ (glands) to produce adequate and proper hormones.  Therefore, women begin to become "Out - of - Tone" with their femininity.  Especially in regards to the Main 6 hormones mentioned above, Estrogen and/or Progesterone are lessened, while Testosterone (more maleness) increases, and Insulin is hindered from producing, etc-etc.  These changes do not start over-night, there are warning signs that our body gives so we can make the proper corrections in our health: (which contributes to such common female problems as . . .)

    premenstrual syndrome (PMS), perimenopausal difficulties, infertility and miscarriage (see Natural Fertility Treatment), osteoporosis, breast cancer, heart disease, fibroids, endometriosis, and other menstrual difficulties, mood disorders, and PCOS and/or ovarian cysts.

    Fabulously Feminine-?  .  .  .  Test yourself

    Other SYMPTOMS of UnBalanced Feminine Hormones

    Is this you?
    “I’m not who I used to be.”
    “I keep gaining weight, but I’m eating less.”
    “I’m so moody, my husband can’t take it.”
    “I wake up exhausted, but at night I’m wired.”
    “I keep forgetting things, and I can’t concentrate like I used to.”
    “My hot flashes are driving me crazy.”
    “I have no libido.”
    “I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep.”
    “My doctor says my tests are all normal, but I know something is wrong.”

    Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance

    Libido issues (marital low/high sexual drive)
    Hormonal Imbalances
    Lack of Bone Density
    Stiffness or Lack of Flexibility
    Restlessness or Lack of sleep, (below 8hrs. per day)
    Body Odor
    Bad Breath
    Excess Fatty Tissue
    etc. to name just a few

    Let's Work Together

    To put you back in Feminine Harmony!

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